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2021 Monsoons!

Flash floods, torrential rain, severe thunderstorms, high winds. Who would’ve thought that these words could describe one of our seasons of summer here in the Sonoran Desert Climate! The Sonoran Desert can be described as having 5 different seasons; Spring, Dry Season of Summer,… Continue Reading “2021 Monsoons!”

My Experience Becoming a Master Naturalist

By Paula Redinger, Cohort 5 Pima Master Naturalist Last month, a small brown envelope appeared in my mailbox. I knew exactly what was inside: something I’d been working towards since mid-January. After a triumphal Facebook post and associated comment flurry, I thought more quietly… Continue Reading “My Experience Becoming a Master Naturalist”

The YETMAN Trail

What may be the first in-person gathering of Pima County Master Naturalists (PCMN) since we started Zooming our Board Meetings back in March of 2020 took place in the Tucson Mountains on Wednesday, June 16, 2021. Six MNs and a family member initiated the… Continue Reading “The YETMAN Trail”

Palo Verde: The Sonoran Desert Tree of Life

Capstone Presentation created by Pima County Master Naturalist Intern Marcia Lambert from Cohort 5.

City nature Challenge 2021 Wrap-up

April 30 through May 3, 2021 the Arizona Master Naturalists participated in the City Nature Challenge where community members documented plant and animal species using the app iNaturalist. The City Nature Challenge is a global project and 1,270,767 observations were made this year. Over… Continue Reading “City nature Challenge 2021 Wrap-up”

The Arizona Trail

My youngest daughter (Avery Lane) just completed the 800 mile Arizona Scenic Trail (AZT). I provided logistical support and accompanied her on a few of the segments. It took her (50) days to complete the (43) passages from the Mexican border, in the Huachuca… Continue Reading “The Arizona Trail”

Create Habitat for Sonoran Desert Wildlife in Your Backyard

Capstone project created by PCMN Erin Posthumus. Resources and Reading list: Selecting native plants: 10 plants for birds in Central Arizona: for Lizards: for Pollinators: Game and Fish: Reading list for Landscaping for Wildlife: Arizona Game and Fish: The Wildlife… Continue Reading “Create Habitat for Sonoran Desert Wildlife in Your Backyard”

A Rare Beauty, Crested Saguaro

A capstone Project Created by Don Featherstone Cristate Saguaros, also known as fasciation, is a relatively rare condition in which the growing tip, or apical meristem, of a vascular plant exhibits abnormal growth. The apical meristem is normally concentrated around a single point which… Continue Reading “A Rare Beauty, Crested Saguaro”

SKY ISLANDS: A Recipe for Biodiversity

Capstone Project written by PCMN Carrie Barcom I came across a brochure in the Sabino Canyon Gift shop titled, “Map of Sky Island Scenic Byway”. I know a lot has changed in the 16 years I’ve been away from Tucson, but when did we… Continue Reading “SKY ISLANDS: A Recipe for Biodiversity”