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Citizen Science: City Nature Challenge 2021

The City Nature Challenge is a global initiative to document the world’s biodiversity (see How it got Started), particularly in urban areas. This event occurs in two parts: Part 1- April 30-May 3* Discover- explore to find a variety of species.* Document- take a… Continue Reading “Citizen Science: City Nature Challenge 2021”

Blog Updated Feb. 11 , 2021

Volunteering in the time of Covid… what are the options?

Blogpost by PCMN Peggy O., Cohort 3 In March of 2020, as the potential scope of the pandemic became clear, opportunities to volunteer changed dramatically as organizations shut down suddenly for the safety of the public. Since then, as the virus numbers dropped and… Continue Reading “Volunteering in the time of Covid… what are the options?”

The Greater Roadrunner Geococcyx californianus

A capstone written by Daniel N. Collins Arizona Master Naturalist – 2018 Cohort I froze in my tracks. For any experienced naturalist hiking in the Sonoran Desert, the sound of a rattlesnake elicits that reaction. I carefully surveyed my surroundings…nothing…nothing… nothing…ah…there it was! But… Continue Reading “The Greater Roadrunner Geococcyx californianus”

How to Use Naturalist Skills to Enhance your art

Artists have always been inspired by nature. We love to capture or create images of our favorite landscapes, animals, moments, and scenes. But well-practiced artists will tell you that nature can be more than just a muse. I have learned about the benefits of… Continue Reading “How to Use Naturalist Skills to Enhance your art”

Climate Change statement by PCMN

November 9, 2020 WHY WE, AS MASTER NATURALISTS, SUPPORT CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION “Now is the time for science, not silence” (Scientific American, 10/8/2020). Daily Global headlines and increasingly frequent observations of extreme weather events demonstrate that the science of climate change is all around… Continue Reading “Climate Change statement by PCMN”

Leaving the Huachucas

On Saturday 11/14/2020 my trail partner, and fellow Master Naturalist, Deb Huie (C1) and I pulled our UofA/USGS trail cameras from the Huachuca Mountains. We’d been monitoring these sites for spotted cat activity (Jaguar and ocelot) since late 2016. Deb called it a “bittersweet… Continue Reading “Leaving the Huachucas”

Communing with Nature: Madera Canyon

Submitted by Kathy Mclin, October 2020 In these past months, Communing With Nature has become as much necessity as passion.  And, when I’ve trekked about it’s been great having a like minded friend to share with, each experience. On a warm day in late… Continue Reading “Communing with Nature: Madera Canyon”

Cohort Connections: The Raptor Protection Program

Submitted by Tori West (Cohort 3), October 2020 So many people loved my husband’s photo of the fire and the owl on the telephone pole in the last newsletter and on Facebook, that I began thinking it would be nice to share a story… Continue Reading “Cohort Connections: The Raptor Protection Program”