Month: October 2022

PCMN Tribute to Josh Skattum

Light a candle, Scan the sky for our Red Giant, Josh Skattum.  His Super Nova life streaking across the hearts of so many is now traveling the cosmos, Yet is undiminished.  Josh’s ethos touches us with an unending energy for doing what is good and… Continue Reading “PCMN Tribute to Josh Skattum”

Growth of Saguaros at Tohono Chul Park

Written by Paul (Mac) Consigny, Cohort 2 Background. In 1999, a team of Tohono Chul volunteers, the Saguaro Huggers, began measuring the height of the main stem of specific saguaros within Tohono Chul Park. A total of 251 saguaros were measured for the first… Continue Reading “Growth of Saguaros at Tohono Chul Park”