Month: January 2019

UA Tree Ring Lab Tour

Dendrochronology Lab Tour                                                                            November 2018 Cameron Becker, Cohort 2 On Saturday November 17, seven Arizona Master Naturalists took a tour of the University of Arizona Bannister Tree Ring Laboratory organized by the Advanced Training Committee. The Naturalists gathered in front of the (relatively)… Continue Reading “UA Tree Ring Lab Tour”

Santa Cruz River Walk

THE SANTA CRUZ RIVER WALK Submitted by Diana Holmes, Pima County Certified Master Naturalist, Cohort 2:  Nov 2018 Curious to learn more about the ambitious vision by a collaboration of partners to restore flow to the Santa Cruz River and its tributaries in Tucson,… Continue Reading “Santa Cruz River Walk”

Tucson Wildlife Center, Field Trip 10/20/18

Tucson Wildlife Center Advanced Training October 2018 If you have ever come across an injured animal on the road, or a baby animal with no mother in sight, you know the range of emotions and questions that flood through your head! Thankfully we have… Continue Reading “Tucson Wildlife Center, Field Trip 10/20/18”

Cooking with Tepary Beans

ADAPTED FROM THE ARIZONA SONORA DESERT MUSEUM COLLECTION OF RECIPES FROM THE DESERT Tepary beans (Phaeseolus acutifolius) grow wild in the deserts of the the Southwest. They are the most drought tolerant annual legume in the world and are capable of producing a harvest… Continue Reading “Cooking with Tepary Beans”