Month: September 2022

Mycology of Mount Lemmon

Blogpost written PCMN Josh Skattum, Cohort 3 The incredible diversity of Arizona can be observed due to changes in topography as well as a change of seasons. Since this last July I started exploring a diverse “kingdom of life” within one of Tucson’s local… Continue Reading “Mycology of Mount Lemmon”

Birding along the Catalina Highway part 2.

Blogpost written by PCMN Kathy McLin Just before turning onto the Catalina Highway from Mt. Bigelow we pulled the car to a halt to observe and photograph a gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk…….An unexpected surprise. Our plan was to find a lunch spot and as we… Continue Reading “Birding along the Catalina Highway part 2.”

Birding along Mt. Bigelow

Written by PCMN Kathy McLin, Cohort 3 Fall is definitely in the air and birds are beginning their migrations to warmer climes. If you have even a passing interest in birds, then a trip along the Catalina Highway is a must. My destination with… Continue Reading “Birding along Mt. Bigelow”

Two More Species of “Arizona’s Largest Moths” Found in the Tortolita Preserve by Master Naturalists

Written by Dave DeGroot, Sept. 20, 2022 More than 40 species of big “hawk moths” or “sphinx moths” live in the mountains and deserts of Southern Arizona. Until the Master Naturalists’ “Bug Night” on Sept. 15, only two of these big moths had been… Continue Reading “Two More Species of “Arizona’s Largest Moths” Found in the Tortolita Preserve by Master Naturalists”

Fall Membership Meeting 2022 & BioBlitz Update

By Franklin Lane The Pima County Master Naturalist (PCMN) quarterly membership meeting was held on Tuesday, September 13th. Thank you Josh Skattum (C3) for recommending Three Canyon Beer and Wine Garden on Sabino Canyon Rd. It’s a beautiful outdoor venue. Although there were some… Continue Reading “Fall Membership Meeting 2022 & BioBlitz Update”