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Tucson Festival of Books, March 3-4, 2023

Location: U of A MallPost submitted by Kathe Sudano; Photos from Kathe Sudano and Peggy Ollerhead The Pima County Master Naturalists (PCMN) have been watching folks take delight in a beautiful mesquite box full of scat for years. No matter where we are, people… Continue Reading “Tucson Festival of Books, March 3-4, 2023”

Sandhill Cranes, A Cacophony of Sounds

Of the Fifteen species of Cranes found worldwide, two species inhabit the United States, the Whooping and Sandhill Cranes. Arizona is host to three different subspecies of Sandhill Cranes that spend the winter in Arizona. They consist of a smaller variety that migrates down… Continue Reading “Sandhill Cranes, A Cacophony of Sounds”

Exploring Southern Arizona: Destination Fort Bowie

Destination: Fort Bowie: 85 Miles and 150 Years from Tucson Looking for a different weekend hike when Sabino Canyon, Mount Lemmon, Madera Canyon and otherlocal hikes are clogged with Winter visitors? A visit to Fort Bowie Historic Park may be a perfect day trip.On… Continue Reading “Exploring Southern Arizona: Destination Fort Bowie”

AZMNA Annual Conference: January 27-28, 2023

Main Blog Written by Jessica Paul, Cohort 4 with design/layout by Deb Petrich, Cohort 1Photos: Izetta Feeny, Chris Robie, Franklin Lane, Linda Doughty, Deb Petrich, Peggy Ollerhead, Dana Hook What does a naturalist have to look forward to when attending an annual conference in… Continue Reading “AZMNA Annual Conference: January 27-28, 2023”

Sonoran Musings: Colossal Cave, a Southeast Gem

Submitted by K. McLin, Cohort 3, February 2023 If you are looking for great views, interesting geological sites, evidence of early inhabitants and nature’s bounty, than a trip to Colossal Cave and it’s riding stable area is the perfect venue.  There is ample parking,… Continue Reading “Sonoran Musings: Colossal Cave, a Southeast Gem”

My Heart Belongs to the Wild Things

PCMN Annual Meeting December 2022

Submitted By Kathy McLin Cohort 3 The PCMN Chapter held their 2022 annual membership meeting on Sunday, December 4th, but unfortunately without one of our most beloved Master Naturalist members, Josh Skattum. In his spirit, a memorial hike was planned that morning to honor… Continue Reading “PCMN Annual Meeting December 2022”

Tortolita Preserve BioBlitz November 2022

By Franklin Lane The long anticipated BioBlitz of the Tortolita Preserve in Marana was conducted on Saturday, November 19th.  The Pima County Chapter of the Arizona Master Naturalists partnered with the Marana Parks and Recreation Department, Arizona Game and Fish Department, The Coalition for… Continue Reading “Tortolita Preserve BioBlitz November 2022”

PCMN Tribute to Josh Skattum

Light a candle, Scan the sky for our Red Giant, Josh Skattum.  His Super Nova life streaking across the hearts of so many is now traveling the cosmos, Yet is undiminished.  Josh’s ethos touches us with an unending energy for doing what is good and… Continue Reading “PCMN Tribute to Josh Skattum”