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Pima County Master Naturalists Support the 2022 Southeast Arizona Birding Festival

By: Franklin Lane The annual SE Arizona Birding Festival, sponsored by the Tucson Audubon Society (a PCMN Partner Organization), was held from August 10-14 this year. The Pima County Chapter has traditionally staffed an education and recruitment table in the main ballroom of the… Continue Reading “Pima County Master Naturalists Support the 2022 Southeast Arizona Birding Festival”

Comes the Monsoon

Blogpost written by PCMN Kathy McLin and Joshua Skattum, Cohort 3 “Comes the monsoonWhose arrival is announced by nature’s percussion, with deep drum rolls and cymbal clashes, grey sky and lightening shows. A welcomed performance, one of pure life. Anointing the land, hastening the… Continue Reading “Comes the Monsoon”

Using smart phone applications as a learning tool while hiking

Blogpost written by PCMN Josh Skattum, Cohort 3. Have you ever came across an unfamiliar plant, fungi, or animal and just became engaged with interest and wonder? You might ask yourself what that biota might be? Maybe you’ve heard a bird song or a… Continue Reading “Using smart phone applications as a learning tool while hiking”

Sonoran Musings

Blogpost written by PCMN Kathe Mclin, Cohort 3 Like a baby birdMy nest, made of Rincon, Catalina and Tucson The mountains that surround me.Big eyed, mouth agape Hungry for more of theSights and sounds thatCause my curiosity to blossom. My new home, awakening my… Continue Reading “Sonoran Musings”

Kathy’s Nature Collective

Blogpost written by PCMN Kathy Mclin, Cohort 3. “Kathy’s Nature Collective: a new series of photos from Kathy McLin (Cohort 3) showcasing her weekly or monthly nature travels throughout Southern Arizona.” Armed with a sense of wonder a camera and no preconceived notion as… Continue Reading “Kathy’s Nature Collective”

Master Naturalists Learn about Desert Tortoise Adoption

15 master naturalists from multiple chapters attended a special MN/ AZ Game and Fish webinar on how to create a desert tortoise habitat and adopt one. 12 people attended a follow-up meeting at Penny Miller’s house to meet her adopted tortoise Shelly and learn… Continue Reading “Master Naturalists Learn about Desert Tortoise Adoption”

June 2022 PCMN Membership Gathering

By Franklin Lane The Pima County Chapter bylaws only require bi-monthly meetings of the Board of Directors (BOD). Since the BOD has, by practice, been meeting every month it was decided earlier this year to dedicate occasional ‘second Monday of the month’ to less… Continue Reading “June 2022 PCMN Membership Gathering”

Critter Camp for Kids

By Kathe Sudano, April 5, 2022 It’s not often we in Tucson have a forecast of 100% chance of severe thunderstorms but that happened on Tuesday March 29th, 2022. Add over 50 fourth graders into that mix along with a significant drop in temperature,… Continue Reading “Critter Camp for Kids”

Master of Mimicry and More, the Marvelous Northern Mockingbird

Blogpost written by PCMN Kathleen McLin, Cohort 3 Morning, noon, and night Northern Mockingbird males serenade us and potential mates with a cache of tunes numbering more than 200. They are often the first bird you hear in the morning and the last one… Continue Reading “Master of Mimicry and More, the Marvelous Northern Mockingbird”