Month: September 2018

Elegant Trogan Bird Survey Experience

On the weekend of June 2-3rd I took part in my first ever bird survey with the Tucson Audubon Society.  Our survey was for the annual count of Elegant Trogans located in the Cave Creek area of the Chiricahua mountains in southeastern AZ.  Other surveys… Continue Reading “Elegant Trogan Bird Survey Experience”

PCMN Sonoita, Grasslands Field trip 4/22/18

Cohort (1) Carol Anderson, Don Featherstone, Julie Hallbach, Hank Verbais, Deb Huie, Franklin Lane. Cohort (2) Gael Cassidy, Mack Consigny Presenter: Jim Koweek At this final, coordinated, Advance Training opportunity for the Spring of 2018, Pima County Master Naturalists met at the General Store… Continue Reading “PCMN Sonoita, Grasslands Field trip 4/22/18”

The Glorious Monsoon 2018

Each year, about this time, those of us who have lived in southern Arizona start to look for totals of rainfall and to see if the numbers match up to what we have actually measured in our back yard. Or we have at least… Continue Reading “The Glorious Monsoon 2018”