Month: June 2019

Critter Cam Program – Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection, March 2019

Critter Cam program hosted by the Coalition For Sonoran Desert Protection, Catalina State Park The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection conducts a citizen science project in which community members maintain wildlife cameras. This has helped us obtain important information about our wildlife using linkages… Continue Reading “Critter Cam Program – Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection, March 2019”

Rattlesnake Handling Class: May 4, 2019

Presenters:  Cecil Schwalbe, retired Arizona State Herpetologist and Dr. Tom Biuso, physician at TMC spoke, who about snake bite treatments. Attendees:  Penny Miller(C2), Diana Holmes (C2), Dan Collins(C2), Vicki Ettelman(C3), Kathe Sudano (C3), Jenna Marvin(C3), Doug Hoerr(C3), Andrea Hoerr(C3), Carrie Barcom(C2), Sharon Overstreet(C2), Jessie… Continue Reading “Rattlesnake Handling Class: May 4, 2019”


You read the date correctly!  Three and a half hours in the desert in the middle of what is referred to as Tucson’s “Pre-Summer.”  This is normally one of the hottest and driest times of the year.  Thanks to Sharon Overstreet for predicting a… Continue Reading “THE GREAT LIZARD HUNT: May 25, 2019”