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PCMN Wild Burro AT Trail Hike

Blogpost written by PCMN Kim Gerard, Cohort 6. Saturday, March 19, 2022 On a mild and sunny morning, a small group of Pima County Chapter Master Naturalists met for an Advanced Training hike.  We explored the Wild Burro Trail in the Tortolita Mountains, which… Continue Reading “PCMN Wild Burro AT Trail Hike”

Master Naturalists in the Field: Wild Burro Trail Hike

Pima County Chapter Master NaturalistsSkills-Based Advanced Training Wild Burro Trail HikeSaturday, March 19, 2022 On a mild and sunny morning, a small group of Pima County Chapter Master Naturalists met for an Advanced Training hike. We explored the Wild Burro Trail in the Tortolita… Continue Reading “Master Naturalists in the Field: Wild Burro Trail Hike”

Tracks and Scat April 16, 2022

Who doesn’t wonder what animal made the tracks we sometimes see on hikes, or even in our own yards? And who hasn’t wondered what kind of scat we “tripped” over.  On April 16, 2022 Cohort 6 had a special lab at Cienega Creekled by… Continue Reading “Tracks and Scat April 16, 2022”

It must be Spring…. Vultures are back!

Blogpost written by PCMN: Kathleen McLin Black and Turkey Vultures may strike fear into some individuals but to me they are unique, fascinating birds. Their scientific name Cathartes aura is Latin for “ cleansing breeze”. Their bald head prevents carrion from sticking and rotting… Continue Reading “It must be Spring…. Vultures are back!”

Prickly Park and Pima County Native Plant Nursery

Blogpost written by PCMN Peggy O. Members of Cohort 6 of Pima County Master Naturalists (PCMN) attended their first in-person field experience together at Pima Prickly Park on Saturday, March 5, 2022. Dick Wiedhopf, the President of the Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society (TCSS)… Continue Reading “Prickly Park and Pima County Native Plant Nursery”


Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair By Franklin Lane Every year SARSEF conducts a regional science fair for local school, science fair winners.  These students compete for awards in various categories and for an invitation to the National level competition.  For the last three years the regional fair has been virtual.… Continue Reading “SARSEF 2022”

Unexplored Land in …Marana?

by Dave DeGroot, Cohort 2, Feb. 23, 2022 I am fascinated by the 2,400-acre piece of raw desert northwest of Tucson called the Tortolita Preserve. The land is leased from the state by the town of Marana and its boundaries lie within the Marana… Continue Reading “Unexplored Land in …Marana?”

Getting to the Root of Things

Blogpost written by PCMN Kathleen Mclin Volunteering with Jessica Paul, Master Naturalist and Community Gardens of Tucson Program Leader is a real life “Growth“ experience. Students, teachers and myself included are learning valuable skillsand life lessons as budding gardeners. When I signed up to… Continue Reading “Getting to the Root of Things”

Purrll, Purrll….

By Franklin Lane PCMN C1 7 February 2022, (near) McNeal Arizona.  I visit the Sulphur Springs valley south of Wilcox, Arizona several times a year. Normally I’m enroute to the Chiricahua Mountains or, accompanying a historian friend tracing the route of the old Butterfield… Continue Reading “Purrll, Purrll….”