Month: October 2021

Lets be Batty for Bats! 🦇

Blog post written by PCMN Josh Skattum Happy Bat Week to all current and future bat aficionados! October 24th through October 31st was International Bat Week! At this time of the year we commonly are preparing for the spooky festivities of Halloween. Often this… Continue Reading “Lets be Batty for Bats! 🦇”

“Holy Crap, Look at All That Poop!”

Dave DeGroot and Dan Collins (both Cohort 2) recently investigated a huge “puma latrine” in relatively flat desert terrain northwest of Tucson. Dave says that when he first discovered almost 2,000 large pieces of scat in the main and adjoining areas measuring about 50 square yards, he was amazed… Continue Reading ““Holy Crap, Look at All That Poop!””

Creosote Connoisseurs

By Dave DeGroot, Cohort 2 Creosote bushes are so common in Pima County that we hardly give them a second thought. Many desert animals, however, give the creosote a second and third thought – some depend on the bush for their existence. Animals with… Continue Reading “Creosote Connoisseurs”

Birth of a Bio-Blitz…it all started with two guys walking around in the desert

By Dave DeGroot, Cohort 2 For the Pima County Master Naturalists newsletterDuring the lockdown in 2020, I came across a big piece ofdesert northwest of Tucson called the Tortolita Preserve. It is being fenced off by the Town of Marana, with recreational use mostly… Continue Reading “Birth of a Bio-Blitz…it all started with two guys walking around in the desert”

Prepare For Take off

By Dave DeGroot, Cohort 2 Dozens of species of sphinx moths – some of the largest moths in the world – work the “night shift” during Pima County’s monsoon season. Unfurling their long proboscises, they zero in on the nectar offered by pale flowers such as sacred thornapple Datura, Jimson weed, evening primrose, honeysuckle, different kinds of… Continue Reading “Prepare For Take off”

What To Do When You Get Stuck

Metaphorically or Very Literally We all sometimes find ourselves in a situation where we just feel stuck. In relation to volunteer work, sometimes we might feel stuck with feeling overwhelmed that there is too much to learn or do or fix. We might feel… Continue Reading “What To Do When You Get Stuck”

A True Bear Wallow

By Franklin Lane and Deborah Huie One of the most overlooked sky islands in the Pimería Alta is the Whetstones. While many people have visited Kartchner Caverns on the eastern slopes few have explored beyond that. Just south of the entrance to Kartchner is an… Continue Reading “A True Bear Wallow”