Month: February 2022

Unexplored Land in …Marana?

by Dave DeGroot, Cohort 2, Feb. 23, 2022 I am fascinated by the 2,400-acre piece of raw desert northwest of Tucson called the Tortolita Preserve. The land is leased from the state by the town of Marana and its boundaries lie within the Marana… Continue Reading “Unexplored Land in …Marana?”

Getting to the Root of Things

Blogpost written by PCMN Kathleen Mclin Volunteering with Jessica Paul, Master Naturalist and Community Gardens of Tucson Program Leader is a real life “Growth“ experience. Students, teachers and myself included are learning valuable skillsand life lessons as budding gardeners. When I signed up to… Continue Reading “Getting to the Root of Things”

Purrll, Purrll….

By Franklin Lane PCMN C1 7 February 2022, (near) McNeal Arizona.  I visit the Sulphur Springs valley south of Wilcox, Arizona several times a year. Normally I’m enroute to the Chiricahua Mountains or, accompanying a historian friend tracing the route of the old Butterfield… Continue Reading “Purrll, Purrll….”

Happy Valentine’s Day, Arizona

Happy Valentine’s Day Arizona! On February 14th, 1912, Arizona became our 48th state. In celebration, Pima County Master Naturalists helped with creating a collaborative project sharing what they love about Arizona. “I love the diversity of the cultural and natural history of this region.… Continue Reading “Happy Valentine’s Day, Arizona”