Month: April 2021

Create Habitat for Sonoran Desert Wildlife in Your Backyard

Capstone project created by PCMN Erin Posthumus. Resources and Reading list: Selecting native plants: 10 plants for birds in Central Arizona: for Lizards: for Pollinators: Game and Fish: Reading list for Landscaping for Wildlife: Arizona Game and Fish: The Wildlife… Continue Reading “Create Habitat for Sonoran Desert Wildlife in Your Backyard”

A Rare Beauty, Crested Saguaro

A capstone Project Created by Don Featherstone Cristate Saguaros, also known as fasciation, is a relatively rare condition in which the growing tip, or apical meristem, of a vascular plant exhibits abnormal growth. The apical meristem is normally concentrated around a single point which… Continue Reading “A Rare Beauty, Crested Saguaro”

SKY ISLANDS: A Recipe for Biodiversity

Capstone Project written by PCMN Carrie Barcom I came across a brochure in the Sabino Canyon Gift shop titled, “Map of Sky Island Scenic Byway”. I know a lot has changed in the 16 years I’ve been away from Tucson, but when did we… Continue Reading “SKY ISLANDS: A Recipe for Biodiversity”