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Tap & Bottle Fun(d)raiser for PCMN

AZMN-Pima County Chapter had our first fun(d)raiser @ Tap&Bottle on S. 6th Ave on Friday, January 24, 2020 from 5-8PM. It was attended by members of all 4 MN Tucson cohorts and many of their family and guests. Rebecca, owner of the venue, donated… Continue Reading “Tap & Bottle Fun(d)raiser for PCMN”

Saguaro Census 2020

Blog Post by Andrea Hoerr, Cohort 3 On Feb 18 2020, several Pima County Master Naturalists volunteered for the 2020 Saguaro Census. This survey was coordinated by the National Park Service and held at Saguaro National Park West (SAGU) with Don Swann, SAGU Wildlife… Continue Reading “Saguaro Census 2020”

Catalina State Park Remote Wildlife Camera

CATALINA STATE PARK REMOTE WILDLIFE CAMERA Submitted by Diana Holmes, Pima County Certified Master Naturalist, Cohort 2 Shortly after moving to Oro Valley from Sonoita in 2012, my husband and I volunteered to monitor a remote wildlife camera in Catalina State Park.  The Coalition… Continue Reading “Catalina State Park Remote Wildlife Camera”

PCMN 2019 General Membership Meeting

December 18, 2019 The Pima County – Master Naturalist Association (PCMN) bylaws require a general membership meeting in December of each year.  “The acts of the majority of the voting members present at each duly called and convened meeting shall be the acts of… Continue Reading “PCMN 2019 General Membership Meeting”

Colossal Cave Mountain Park, Nature Walk 12/7/2019

On Saturday, December 7th, Deb Petrich (C1) and Kathy Carter-McLin (C3) participated in a PCNRPR interpretative (?) hike, led by Sandy Reith, Program Specialist with the Environmental Education Team, on part of the Arizona Trail located in Colossal Cave Park.  Did you know that… Continue Reading “Colossal Cave Mountain Park, Nature Walk 12/7/2019”

Volunteer Spotlight: Jessie Rack, President Elect

Hi all!  My name is Jessie Rack, and I’m excited to be the featured Master Naturalist for this newsletter! I am a relatively new transplant to Arizona. I grew up in New York and West Virginia and lived on the east coast until moving… Continue Reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Jessie Rack, President Elect”

Tumamoc Hill Nature Writing Workshop Nov. 15-17, 2019

Olivia Carey (C3), Deb Huie (C1), Penny Miller (C2) and Michelle Kostuk (C1), attended the ‘Nature Journaling: Learn the art of seeing and recording the world around you’ workshop at the Desert Laboratory up on Tumamoc Hill, November 15-17, 2019.  The instructor was Roseann… Continue Reading “Tumamoc Hill Nature Writing Workshop Nov. 15-17, 2019”

Bug Buzz: Green Fig Beetle

Green Fig Beetle, Cotinis mutabilis By:  Meck Slagle As the monsoon season brings rejoicing rain to the region, insects start to emerge in booming quantities with one goal: find a mate. One of the most easily recognized insects in our desert is the Green Fig… Continue Reading “Bug Buzz: Green Fig Beetle”

Southeastern Arizona Birding Festival, August 8-11, 2019

By Jean Boris Pima Master Naturalists hosted a table at the 9th Annual SE Arizona Bird Festival, Nature Expo. on August 8 – 11th, 2019.  The Bird Festival is hosted by Tucson Audubon Society, with lots of great field trips through out SE Arizona,… Continue Reading “Southeastern Arizona Birding Festival, August 8-11, 2019”