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Earth Day Events with PCMN

Earth Day at Marana Parks and Natural Resources PCMN was invited by our partners at Marana Parks and Natural Resources to table at their earth-day themed Concert in the Courtyard on April 20th. Vicki Ettleman (C3), Peggy Ollerhead (C3) and Izetta Feeney (C6) enjoyed… Continue Reading “Earth Day Events with PCMN”

Salt River Wild Horses

Submitted by Jean Loney, Cohort 1 Taking a trip to the lower Salt River to see the wild horses was a dream come true. Leaving early on a Sunday morning in late March from Tucson we drove onto Power Road from Loop 202 which… Continue Reading “Salt River Wild Horses”

Living Lab Experience, Watershed Management Group

Submitted by Aster Schaefer, Cohort 7Photos: Melissa Mundt, Chapter Advisor My name is Aster, and I’m a part of PCMN’s Cohort 7. Our class recently went to Watershed Management’s Living Lab on Dodge/Speedway one evening for a field lab, and having never known such… Continue Reading “Living Lab Experience, Watershed Management Group”

Camp Cooper Critter Camp

Submitted by Summer Marshall, Cohort 7 Did you know that bobcats have binocular vision? Or that some animals can mimic certain colors in nature to hide from predators? Students from the Sunrise Drive School spent a Monday and Tuesday morning at the Cooper Center… Continue Reading “Camp Cooper Critter Camp”

Celebrating Treasures of the Tortolita Preserve

With the Wild Sonoran Women – Cohort 6 & Dave De Groot, March 7, 2023 Dave is a knowledgeable, humble guide.long way in, short way outeasy 5.25 mile hikefilled with treasures.Night blooming Arizona Queen of the Night.We eye-hunt for this special Snake Lily “stick”… Continue Reading “Celebrating Treasures of the Tortolita Preserve”

SARSEF Awards, March 10, 2023

Post by Peggy Ollerhead C3 As an all-volunteer organization focused on the ecology and natural history of the Sonoran Desert, we have sponsored awards at the Regional SARSEF Science Fair for the past 3 years.  SARSEF strives to create AZ’s future critical thinkers and… Continue Reading “SARSEF Awards, March 10, 2023”

Sandhill Cranes, A Cacophony of Sounds

Of the Fifteen species of Cranes found worldwide, two species inhabit the United States, the Whooping and Sandhill Cranes. Arizona is host to three different subspecies of Sandhill Cranes that spend the winter in Arizona. They consist of a smaller variety that migrates down… Continue Reading “Sandhill Cranes, A Cacophony of Sounds”

Exploring Southern Arizona: Destination Fort Bowie

Destination: Fort Bowie: 85 Miles and 150 Years from Tucson Looking for a different weekend hike when Sabino Canyon, Mount Lemmon, Madera Canyon and otherlocal hikes are clogged with Winter visitors? A visit to Fort Bowie Historic Park may be a perfect day trip.On… Continue Reading “Exploring Southern Arizona: Destination Fort Bowie”

AZMNA Annual Conference: January 27-28, 2023

Main Blog Written by Jessica Paul, Cohort 4 with design/layout by Deb Petrich, Cohort 1Photos: Izetta Feeny, Chris Robie, Franklin Lane, Linda Doughty, Deb Petrich, Peggy Ollerhead, Dana Hook What does a naturalist have to look forward to when attending an annual conference in… Continue Reading “AZMNA Annual Conference: January 27-28, 2023”