Earth Day Events with PCMN

Earth Day at Marana Parks and Natural Resources
PCMN was invited by our partners at Marana Parks and Natural Resources to table at their earth-day themed Concert in the Courtyard on April 20th. Vicki Ettleman (C3), Peggy Ollerhead (C3) and Izetta Feeney (C6) enjoyed introducing families to the signs and tracks of their desert neighbors! The family-friendly event featured food trucks, a country western dance band, and Earth Day themed tabling partners.

Mission Garden Earth Day 2023
Great fun and outdoor educational opportunities were evident at Mission Garden’s Earth Day on April 22nd. Speakers shared their personal and historic knowledge about acequias ( engineered water canals). Over 300 people attended, many of them families who enjoyed events led by a number of our PCMNs.

Melissa Mundt, Cohort 5 and from PCNRPR – our chapter sponsor, worked with Mission Garden Youth Education volunteers exploring the acequia with families; dip netting for macro-invertebrates. Finding dragonfly and mayfly larvae to show the acequia’s waters are of good water quality.

Xerces Wildlife Biologist Saff Killingsworth and Chris Robie (06) shared the wonders of our native bees of AZ. Did you know there are over 1,300 native bee species in AZ making us a hotspot for bee biodiversity not just in the US but in the world?

Linda Doughty and Izetta Feeny (both 06) guided people through the steps to download the iNaturalist App and support the 2023 City Nature Challenge.

Jane Davenport (01) assisted with any First Aid needs.

Wildflower seed ball making with the Cooperative Extension, highlighted Elise Gornish’s work including a new children’s book about Ecological Restorations.

Samantha Brewer with Nature’s Notebook created a scavenger hunt unique for the flora and fauna of Mission Garden. Melissa has encouraged this talented woman to register for the PCMN class of 2024!

Guests could also make a cienega in a jar and learn more about bats with Mission Garden volunteers. Archaeology Southwest was there too.

THANKS to all for the great team work on Earth Day at Mission Garden!

MARK your calendars for August 18th for Critter Night at Mission Garden from 5:30-8:30. If you have an AZ critter that you would like to share/table about please contact Chris Robie at

Both posts along with photos submitted by Peggy Ollerhead, Cohort 3

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