Kathy’s Nature Collective

Blogpost written by PCMN Kathy Mclin, Cohort 3.

“Kathy’s Nature Collective: a new series of photos from Kathy McLin (Cohort 3) showcasing her weekly or monthly nature travels throughout Southern Arizona.”

Armed with a sense of wonder a camera and no preconceived notion as to what Tucson might offer other than desert, mountains and heat, my husband, brother-in-law and miscellaneous fur children retired here 5 years ago in May. Within 3 months I found the volunteer opportunity of my dreams, caring for, rescuing and releasing wild animals for Tucson Wildlife Rescue. The enormous pleasure I get working closely with animals of all kinds enriches my soul, and recharges my spirit like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It has brought me into close contact with many wonderful naturalists, scientists, veterinarians, teachers and organizations who so generously give of their knowledge and skills as I add to mine. It ultimately lead me to a table at the Southwest Audubon Birding Expo where I learned about volunteer opportunities at PIMA County Parks and Recreation and the Arizona Master Naturalist program.

Members of Cohort 3 know me for always having my camera with me. Everything I see is a potential photo opportunity or possible blog post so as of today, at the request of the Communication Committee,

Kathy’s Nature Collective is born.

There is so much diversity of bird life here, native and migratory that it boggles my mind. So, I offer you a quiz. Name the bird and is it a Resident or Migratory?

June collective – Quiz, can you name/identify the bird and if it is a resident or migratory in the Sonoran Desert?


1. Red Shafted Northern Flicker – Resident

2. Ferruginous Hawk – Migratory

3. Sandhills Crane – Migratory

4. Cactus wren- Resident

5. Black Hawk – Migratory

6. Red-tailed Hawk – Resident

7. Rivoli’s / magnificent hummingbird – Migratory

8. Green-tailed towhee- Migratory

9. White winged Dove – Migratory

10. Greater Roadrunner – Resident

11. Screech Owl – Resident

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