Sonoran Musings

Blogpost written by PCMN Kathe Mclin, Cohort 3

Like a baby bird
My nest, made of Rincon, Catalina and Tucson
The mountains that surround me.
Big eyed, mouth agape
Hungry for more of the
Sights and sounds that
Cause my curiosity to blossom.

My new home, awakening my inner spirit, causing it to soar.
Prickly, sandy, hot and dry, alive with color so intense, can a cloudless sky be this blue? 

Cactus in grays and greens, browns and reds, with flowers and fruits beckoning  desert flocks to come, partake, nourish and spread new life.

Whirs and coos and buzzing, whistles, trills, clacking and clicking. Stepping outside my nest a quail raises his voice sounding like a crowd doing the wave at a sports event.
All that attention just for me?
I am where I should be.
This is home.

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