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Citizen Scientist Data Helps Highlight Arizona’s Water, Fire, and Climate Change Dilemmas

By Michelle Kostuk The water flooded my hiking boots and soaked my socks. I continued to trudge through the stream, enjoying the coolness. My three colleagues decided to rough it through the dense foliage on the banks of the Cienega Creek in Arizona. This… Continue Reading “Citizen Scientist Data Helps Highlight Arizona’s Water, Fire, and Climate Change Dilemmas”

Tiny desert rodents

A Capstone Project written by PCMN Marlene Target Audience: elementary school children. Silky Pocket Mouse (Perognathus flavus) The Silky Pocket Mouse is so small it can fit inside your pocket! It’s about the size of your pinky finger (2 ½ – 3 ½”).  One… Continue Reading “Tiny desert rodents”

Community Science Research Along I-10

On April 12th Pima County Master Naturalists Josh Skattum (Cohort 3) and Sam Wilber (Cohort 4) spent a day volunteering for the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection doing field work by checking wildlife cameras.  Sam and I have been volunteering for CSDP for over… Continue Reading “Community Science Research Along I-10”

Cienega Creek Wildlife Camera Trip 3/9/16

A morning’s hike to set up a Wildlife Camera on Cienaga Creek Hank Harlow, Pima County Master Naturalist student, Cohort 3   An element of the Pima County Master Naturalist program is to participate in an activity with one of the chapter’s partners in… Continue Reading “Cienega Creek Wildlife Camera Trip 3/9/16”

Cooking with Tepary Beans

ADAPTED FROM THE ARIZONA SONORA DESERT MUSEUM COLLECTION OF RECIPES FROM THE DESERT Tepary beans (Phaeseolus acutifolius) grow wild in the deserts of the the Southwest. They are the most drought tolerant annual legume in the world and are capable of producing a harvest… Continue Reading “Cooking with Tepary Beans”

The Glorious Monsoon 2018

Each year, about this time, those of us who have lived in southern Arizona start to look for totals of rainfall and to see if the numbers match up to what we have actually measured in our back yard. Or we have at least… Continue Reading “The Glorious Monsoon 2018”

Get Involved in Citizen Science with the USA National Phenology Network

The USA National Phenology Network ( is a national consortium of volunteer observers and many partners, including research scientists, resource managers, educators, and policy makers. The USA-NPN was established in 2007 to collect, store and share data and information about the life cycle events… Continue Reading “Get Involved in Citizen Science with the USA National Phenology Network”

White Water Reserve Field Trip

On January 11, 2018 eleven Pima County, Master Naturalists from cohorts (1) and (2) joined, noted humorist and part time ornithologist, Jeff Babson on a visit to the Sulphur Springs Valley to observe and appreciate Sandhill Cranes.  The Sulphur Springs Valley is east of… Continue Reading “White Water Reserve Field Trip”

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton