June 2022 PCMN Membership Gathering

By Franklin Lane

The Pima County Chapter bylaws only require bi-monthly meetings of the Board of Directors (BOD). Since the BOD has, by practice, been meeting every month it was decided earlier this year to dedicate occasional ‘second Monday of the month’ to less formal membership events.

The first of these gatherings was held at the home of Kathe Sudano (C3) on Monday, June 13th.  Thank you, Kathe, for opening your home for this simple potluck/BYOB event.  It was an opportunity for members to socialize and get to know their Board of Directors.  It also gave the Chapter President, Jan Schwartz (C4), the chance to introduce and celebrate the recent graduates of Cohort 6.

Including a quorum of the BOD, about twenty-five Chapter members attended. Certificates of course completion 2022 were handed out and then teams from C6 presented their ideas for new Chapter initiatives. Among the ideas were recommendations for a natural science book lending program and ways to increase both Chapter outreach and diversity. The energy of Cohort 6 was exciting to sense.

A vote was taken, and the project presented by Chris Robey and Dana Hook (pictured above) was selected for the Chapter to pursue. Chris and Dana, representing their entire C6 team of ‘Wild Sonoran Women’ (+ Francesca Ziemba & Kristen Sawyer) suggested a collaboration with Tucson Clean and Beautiful (TCB). This partnership would work for more equitable climate justice by identifying urban areas in Tucson (neighborhoods) in need of ‘greening.’ Abundant research has shown that the simple planting of trees and shrubs can significantly offset the effects of the urban heat island effect. Dana Hook has agreed to chair an ad hoc committee to get the project moving. Members interested in helping can reach Dana through any member of the BOD. More info to follow.

Additional random photos of the evening are below.

Kim Girard receives her course completion certificate from the Chapter President as
Penny Miller (C2) and Kim Stone (C3) look on. Rare photographic proof of a surviving member of Cohort 1 was captured of Carol Anderson in the background.
Carly Pierson proudly displays her certificate. Seen with Carly are (L to R) Kathe Sudano, Izetta Feeny (C6) and Olivia Carey (C3).
Threes additional chapter members; Trinity Walsh (L) and Angela Seidler present their team’s project on a lending library. Linda Doughty (seated).

In addition to completing the 2022 course work, the following members of C6 have already received their initial MN certification based on service hours and advanced training.

Linda Doughty

Kim Girard

Dana Hook

Trinity Walsh

Richard Linsenberg

Jean looney is also re-certified for 2022.

Finally, it’s not too early to start considering participation in in a Chapter leadership position. During the December 2022 annual membership meeting we’ll want to select for a President-elect for 2024, a new Treasurer and Secretary. Also numerous Board members will reach their term limits.

“If not you, then who? If not now, then when”

Andrzej Kolikowski


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