Citizen Science: City Nature Challenge 2021

The City Nature Challenge is a global initiative to document the world’s biodiversity (see How it got Started), particularly in urban areas. This event occurs in two parts:

Part 1- April 30-May 3
* Discover- explore to find a variety of species.
* Document- take a photo of each with your camera or smart phone.
* Share- upload your observations to iNaturalist.

Part 2- May 4-9
* Identify- help identify all of the project’s observations.

Join our project on iNaturalist here: City Nature Challenge 2021: Greater Tucson Area

This is the first year Tucson is participating and we, the Pima County Master Naturalists, are the main organizers. Why are we doing this? The benefits to our city are numerous!

  • Get people outside interacting with nature to foster a connection with and care for local biodiversity.
  • Provide people an opportunity to be part of a citizen science project.
  • Build community around a shared love of nature.
  • Introduce people to iNaturalist as a tool to document and identify organisms.
  • Engage schools in project participation and related lessons to have more children learning about their local natural environment.
  • Develop a database of observations that are “Research Grade” so they can be used by scientists.
  • Increase the visibility of PCMN in the community.
  • Develop and strengthen partnerships with other organizations.

Photos from Sweetwater Wetlands, Tucson AZ: Deb Petrich (C1)

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