Tap & Bottle Fun(d)raiser for PCMN

AZMN-Pima County Chapter had our first fun(d)raiser @ Tap&Bottle on S. 6th Ave on Friday, January 24, 2020 from 5-8PM. It was attended by members of all 4 MN Tucson cohorts and many of their family and guests. Rebecca, owner of the venue, donated $350 worth of proceeds and items for the raffle generated another $500. A big shout out to the following folks for their generosity: Pete Pfeiffer, Carrie Barcom, Native Plant Nursery and Jessie Byrd (Nursery Manager), Kathy Mclin and Reid Park Zoo. The evening was both successful and fun! Kudos to the fundraising team (Josh Skattum, Peggy Ollerhead, Kathe Sudano and Jenna Marvin) and all who attended.

Submitted by Kathe Sudano with photos by Josh Skattum



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