PCMN 2019 General Membership Meeting

December 18, 2019

The Pima County – Master Naturalist Association (PCMN) bylaws require a general membership meeting in December of each year.  “The acts of the majority of the voting members present at each duly called and convened meeting shall be the acts of the General Membership” (5-E-Vlll).

Voting members include those individuals ‘in good standing” who meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Member in Training: Participating in a current PCMN class.
  2. Member Intern: Completed class but not yet completed service hours for full certification.
  3. Certified Member: Completed official class of (60) hours and have accumulated (60) hours of volunteer service and (20) hours of advanced training, (5) of which are skills based, on an annual basis.
  4. General Member: Previously certified but not current on required annual service hours.

The meeting this year was held on December 8, at the group campsite of the Molino Basin Campground in the Santa Catalina Mountains.  Members enjoyed the option of camping the evening before the meeting and a potluck picnic lunch afterwards.

Picnic under the Molina Basin campsite Ramada, Photo: F. Lane

The meeting was convened by 2019 Chapter President Cameron Becker (Cohort2).  In 2020, as Past President, Cameron will serve the second year of his term in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and chair the nominating committee for next year’s election cycle.  Cameron and an ad hoc committee (TBD) will solicit nominees for 2021 President Elect as well as Chapter Treasurer and Secretary.  Jean Boris (C2) and Carrie Barcom (C2) were unanimously re-elected to serve a second year.

cam am
Cameron Becker (C2) holding forth around the fire, Photo: K. Sudano

Dr. Jessie Rack (C3) was selected by the membership as President elect for 2020.  She, in turn, will succeed new Chapter President Franklin Lane (C1) at next year’s membership meeting.  It was generally agreed that the outdoor venue/potluck protocol was both inexpensive and appropriate.  Jessie will be looking for a similar situation for next year, perhaps central or on the West side of town.  Suggestions are welcomed. There was also enthusiasm expressed for inviting a keynote speaker in the future.  Perhaps add some gravitas and ‘advanced training’ to the occasion!  Not too early to pencil in the weekend of 12/6/2020.

jessie cm
President Elect Jessie rack at Molina Falls earlier in the day. Photo: F. Lane

In addition to the Executive elections, other agenda items included approval of Kathe Sudano (C3) as a Board of Directors, Member at Large.  The only position left to fill on the 2020 Board is that of Curriculum Committee Chair.  This position is currently being filled “by committee” for Cohort 4, which begins in January 2020.  Ideally, we can identify a person to learn the process this year and assume oversight for 2021.  All members should consider this opportunity, LoriAnne has truly refined it to a “Cut And Paste!”

LoriAnne and Meck Slagle (C3) also successfully applied for a UofA Green Fund grant of $1600.  This is an incredible gift to the Chapter.  It is the intention to use a portion of the monies to purchase a Chapter computer (for official classes) and dedicate the remainder toward scholarships.  Well done amigas!

The following members were awarded service pins:
– 250 hours:  Deb Petrich (C1), Kathy Mclin Carter (C3), Dan Collins (C2), Jean Boris (C2), Michelle Kostuk (C1) and Don Eagle (C1)
– 500 hours:  Janel Feierabend (C1) and Hank Verbais (C1)
– 1,000 hours:  Hank Verbais (C1)

Finally, a note from Josh Skattum (C3) and Jenna Marvin (C3) on future Chapter fund raisers. Please consider joining us at:

Tap & Bottle on Saturday, 1/25/2020, Time: 5-8pm
403 N. 6th Ave.
3 % sales to Chapter

Borderlands Brewing, Friday, 3/13/20, Time: 5-8pm
119 E. Toole
X % sales to Chapter

Other photos from Deb Petrich:

New Executive Team
New Executive Team: Franklin Lane and Jessie Rack
Dre Hoerr (C3) and Jessie Rack (C3) with Queen and Luna
Picking our PCMN t-shirt to sell for fundraisers. Kathe Sudano is presenting 1 option.
What a nice location!
2019 President Cameron Becker (C2) with new 2020 President Franklin Lane (C1)

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